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Welcome to the " Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob Show" website. Each week we strategically and methodically examine our random thoughts and record these for your enjoyement. The very best thing about our show....it totally free (so you get what you pay for).


Join us weekly to hear discussion on topics and issues like; sports, cigars, Martinis, football, politics, cool technology, food, and any other misellanelous conversation that pops into our heads. 


Stay tuned and come back often for updates on;  toipics, guests to the show, pictures, schedules, Radom Thoughts stuff, topic ideas, and all of our usual rambligs on our under informed opinions on just about any topic.


This site will evole whenever we have updates....or when time from our day jobs allow us to do it.


Thanks again for finding us.  Thanks for subscribing to our podcast (thats a must). And please feel free to give us your input (good or bad.... well how about just the good).


Bill & Rob


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